VIP tags

VIP tags

Perforated badge 74x105 mm

2-day production time

Paper : badge from 10 units on 350gsm papers + perforation
Options :  express 1 day, lamination, glossy ink, metallic inks, black lanyards


Pouch size 85x55mm

1 to 2-day printing

Media : badge printing on silky or recycled paper 300gsm
Options :  clear pouch, black lanyard, express, glossy ink...


Lanyard with printing 45cm long

1 to 2-week production time

Fabric : silky polyester fabric 15mm wide + printing on 1 side + hook
On quote :  other kind of fabric or hooks


VIP badge printing in Paris

Perforated & with lanyard

At h2 you can order online perforated badges A7 format (10,7x7,4cm) or smaller with a perforation on top for hooks of lanyards for your VIP events in France such as festivals, fashion shows, concerts, photo shooting or trade shows. 
These perforated tags are mostly printed on paper for a short term use. You can also laminate them for an outside event or print them on Robuskin polyester which is tear and water resistant. 

With so many events taking place in Paris, we found useful providing your a direct online order of badges from only 10 units. Upload 1 file or several files when ordering, the important thing is that your file remains "light" in weight if you are giving us 500 badges with 500 names for example. 
VIP tags for backstage can also be combined with standart black lanyards or printed one on polyester with hooks (or a clear pouch of the size of a business card). 

We let you explore our wide range of papers for your printed badge in Paris such as coated paper as well as recycled or coloured paper to name a few.