How to pay your orders?

Several ways are available.

In case of delivery of your order, you will always have to pay the full amount. No order can be retrieved without payment. 
A deposit of 50% is possible when retrieving the order at our main agency. The you pay the rest of the order when retrieving. 

VAT : you must pay the VAT Taxes (20%) if the printed materials are being used within the French territory. If you export them to another country, this VAT can be avoided. However it is mandatory to send us a proof of export : UPS tracking (screenshot) or a scan of a plane ticket for example as the French State will require those proofs when controlling us. 

How can I pay ? 

Credit/Debit card

Online or in our shops

Order online and pay with credit or debit card. We do not accept American Express cards. If you are experiencing a payment problem, please contact us immediatly. 

Pay in all our shops with your card. All h2 workshops and main agency are equipped with payment terminals. 



In our shops

You can pay everywhere with cash.

Never send us cash in an envelope !

Wire transfer


SEPA wire transfers are free of charge within the Eurozone. It's quick and efficient, in other countries, fees may apply. To ease production, please follow these steps : 

Download our bank details here

Proceed to wire transfer and always mention Quote or Invoice Number(s) you are paying for otherwise we won't be able to track this payment. Do a screenshot of your confirmed payment.

Send us this screenshot or the confirmation email to with the order number (+ quote or invoice number). We will immediatly put your order into production. The wire transfer will appear a few days later on our bank account. Thus we are all saving time! 

NB : if we do not recieve a wire transfer confirmation, your order will stay on hold. 

Bank check

In our shops or by mail

Payment with bank checks are possible from a French bank account. However from a foreigh bank account, fees apply (from your bank and our bank). Please avoid bank checks and prefer wire transfers. 

If you are paying with a bank check, please always note at the back which order(s) number(s) are being paid ! 

Monthly invoicing

For the happy fews...

For a very limited number of clients which are ordering each month for a few thousand euros each time, we are easing processes with a monthly billing system. This way of paying can be installed after a few months of good work together. If you need more pieces of information, please contact us directly.

Payment orders


French administrations can pay with a "mandat administratif".