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Updated December 22, 2019.

The h2prod company operates several websites including, a site which is likely to collect personal information for its proper functioning. Any personal data which may be transmitted to the company h2prod for the use of certain services is subject to the French law 78-17 Data Protection of January 6, 1978. Here is the detail below:

There are several levels of information collection and the company h2prod collects the minimum, namely:

- the personal information entered during an online order or a request for a custom quote. The information is of the name, first name, address, company name, postal code, city, telephone, country, email address, various delivery or billing addresses. These data are essential for writing quotes or invoices after an online order. These documents, once drawn up, are then sent to the client by email or printed on the spot in one of our centers.

- the files sent by our customers and which we must print to fulfill their order. These files are destroyed from our servers after a few months to free up space. They are stored pending and downloadable by the client from his client area and by our teams only. In case of a "sensitive" file, do not hesitate to contact us directly by not going through the website. We can easily delete files quickly after printing on request.

- bank data: the payment module on our site does not allow access to bank card numbers because it is encrypted and provided by an external company. The other types of payment do not justify data storage in particular.

- user activity on our website: this is measured by Google Analytics to allow us to improve its efficiency and ergonomics. Cookies are also placed to facilitate your connection to the site, for example. This is described below.

Your data is stored in a datacenter based in France. They make it easy to manage your account and allow us to improve your customer experience constantly. When you register and at any time, you can accept or refuse your registration on the mailing campaign. The use of external services present on the site can lead to data collection also in order to also improve their own services. Conversely, the emails you receive from us when placing an order are mandatory in order to carry it out.

We use tags and cookies to collect navigation data, the main categories of which are as follows.

Essential cookies: it is not possible to delete them.
- Maintaining the connection once connected to the site.
- Possibility to add several items to the basket
- Manage your order from your customer area and access your order history

Cookies to help manage our site: can be deleted depending on the browser used
The performance of each page and the audience measurement are managed by Google Analytics. The cookie placed during your visit does not identify a visitor and the collection of data remains completely anonymous. To delete this type of cookie, you can go to your browser settings. A website lists the different browsers and the removal method for each.

Functional cookies deposited by third parties: are deleted depending on the browser used, click here.
We use external tools that can collect your data:

- Online chat
- Scoring module
- Access to our social networks by action buttons (once redirected to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest ...)
- Quote form modules

You can deactivate cookies, but the functioning of these tools may then be disrupted or even inoperative.

Advertising cookies: are deleted depending on the browser used, click here.
h2prod can promote its products and services in search engines. If you click on an advertisement, a cookie is then placed in order to follow your purchase journey and this anonymously. They then make it possible to better manage our budgets and advertising targets. We use the services of Google and Facebook in particular.

The data is kept according to legal provisions depending on the type of data.

- Purchase, invoicing and delivery data in the customer account: these data are archived on our server in order to allow you a long-term connection. This data is also legally stored on our billing software which is mandatory.
- The files loaded from your customer area or into the basket are kept for approximately 3 months. Beyond that, they are automatically deleted.
- Cookies are present for a maximum duration of 2 years, which varies depending on the type of cookie. Each cookie is then automatically deleted.


- You can decide to suspend your newsletter subscriptions at any time from your customer area.
- You can modify your personal information at any time from your customer area.
- You can ask us to correct your personal information at any time on our accounting software.
- You can ask us for a summary of all the personal information we have about you.
- You can request the modification or deletion of your personal information so that you are no longer identifiable (within the limits of what the law allows, depending on specific circumstances). Please note that your billing information cannot be changed once an invoice has been entered.
- You can file a complaint with the authorities in charge of data protection in France.


A copy of your personal data may be sent to you and you may pass it on to other service providers. For this you must contact us with proof of identity or a recent company registration extract of less than 3 months to validate your identity. We will send you this data within 45 days.


If you wish to close your account online, no order has to be placed with this account. We are legally obliged to keep your purchase documents and your invoices on our accounting software.
If several accounts have been created for the same company, we will be able to transfer an order from account to account and deactivate the account in question.


We have equipped our website with all the tools for securing your data. Some plug-ins are not managed by h2prod. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In case of problem or for any question, please send us an email to