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Papers and other media

This page shows you our wide range of media available immediatly. Which means that you can directly order online or ask for a quotation based on this list. It is always faster and less expensive to print on one of these media we stock. On the contrary we can order a special paper or media for you but : it will be more expensive (than similar media shown here) and it will take more time (as some papers may take 3 weeks to be delivered to us coming from far away sometimes !) and there no guarantee that we can print your order as it may not be compatible with our printers. We do not order special media for small quantities because we cannot stock the remaining media after printing : it always has minimum based on the size and thickness of the product. Anyway, don't hesitate to contact our team for further questions. 

Express printing

Many papers available

  80gsm for B&W photocopy  

  80gsm adhesive papers (vellum, laid or PET)

  90gsm recycled uncoated white

  100gsm digital silk (for heavy patched files)

  115gsm recycled coated matte (for heavy patched files)

  115gsm uncoated coloured paper Sirio (several available)

  120gsm textured rough absolute white or cream

  120gsm textured "Tradition" extra white

  120gsm watermark textured "Bagasse" white

  135gsm coated silk (for heavy patched files)

  140gsm recycled uncoated white

  150/92g tracing paper (safe for food contact)

  170gsm coated silk (for heavy patched files)

  170gsm coloured papers (see our "Express Flyers" form)

  215gsm recyclable waterproof paper "Fiberskin"

  240gsm recycled coated matte (for heavy patched files)

  260gsm washable white PET for leaflets

  300gsm coated silkd (for heavy patched files)

  300gsm recycled uncoated white

  300gsm textured rough absolute white or cream

  300gsm laid "Regina" extra white

  300gsm textured "Old Mill Bianco" 

  300gsm iridescent "Curious Metallics" several colours

  300/350gsm coloured papers (see our "Flyers Express" form)

  320gsm textured "Tradition" extra white

  320gsm smooth "Olin Origins Cereals" light brown

  350gsm coated matte (for heavy patched files and lamination)

  350gsm recycled uncoated white

  350gsm postcard paper (2 different coatings)

  350gsm watermark textured "Bagasse" white

  350gsm rough cardboard brown

  350gsm vellum paper "Dark" black

  365gsm washable white PET

  365gsm recyclable waterproof paper "Fiberskin"

  400gsm recycled uncoated white

  450gsm uncoated "Arena" white

  450gsm textured "Keaykolour Original" white

  500gsm coated silk "Symbol" white

  500gsm pure cotton textured "Cocaïne"

  810gsm coated "Multiloft" with insert of colour (3 layers)

Offset printing

For large quantities and special finishes

Express printing time :

  90gsm uncoated white

  135gsm coated silk or gloss white (for heavy patched files)

  135gsm recycled uncoated white

  140gsm uncoated white

  150gsm coated silk or gloss white (for heavy patched files)

  170gsm coated silk white (for heavy patched files)

  200gsm coated gloss white (for heavy patched files)

  250gsm coated matte white (for heavy patched files)

  300gsm uncoated with seeds

  350gsm coated silk white (for heavy patched files)

  350gsm uncoated white 

  350gsm coated matte white (for heavy patched files)

  450gsm coated + matte lamination + UV Spot both sides


Discount printing time (2 weeks or more) :

  16/24gsm tissue paper

  70gsm adhesives for stickers on rolls (all kinds)

  70gsm coated matte or gloss (for heavy patched files)

  80gsm recycled uncoated natural

  90gsm coated matte or gloss (for heavy patched files)

  115gsm coated matte or gloss (for heavy patched files)

  135gsm coated matte or gloss (for heavy patched files)

  135gsm recycled uncoated natural

  150gsm uncoated white

  170gsm coated matte or gloss (for heavy patched files)

  170gsm recycled uncoated natural

  250gsm coated matte or gloss (for heavy patched files)

  260gsm thick cardboard

  285gsm kraft coloured brown

  300gsm coated + matte lamination 2 sides

  300gsm recycled uncoated natural

  350gsm coated matte or gloss (for heavy patched files)

  350gsm coated + UV Spot 1 or 2 sides

  450gsm coated matte

  650gsm beermat cardboard

  Adhesive sheets (uncoated, PET white or clear...)

Large format

By unit

Paper on rolls : 

  70gsm kraft

  75gsm for architect blueprints

  80gsm Red Label light

  90gsm neon colours

  90gsm tracing paper

  120gsm TopColor silk

  120gsm recycled natural

  135gsm silk white back

  135gsm matte blue back

  180gsm coated matte

  190gsm enhanced matte Epson

  200gsm photo silk

  200gsm photo gloss

  240gsm fine art textured off-white

  300gsm photo pearl 

  310gsm Hahnemühle Bright White Matt

  310gsm Arches Canson Watermarked Rag

  310gsm Arches Canson "88" vellum

  320gsm fine art textured off-white

Rigid and long lasting

By unit

Long lasting media :

  135gsm matte blueback

  Vinyle matte or gloss white for inside or outside

  Vinyle clear or ultra clear for inside or outside

  Vinyle removable matte white for inside or outside

  Vinyle frosted for inside or outside

  Vinyle micro perforated for inside or outside

  Vinyle for adhesive lettering (40 colours)

  180gsm greyback film for rollup stands

  260gsm washable fabric for table covers or table runners

  280gsm eco-friendly fabric "JetTex" for inside or outside

  395gsm canvas for artists

  440gsm glossy PVC banner 

  560gsm matte PVC banner

  Backlight for lighboxes

  Magnetic polyester foil

  Textured wallpaper "Digiwall"

  Prepasted textured wallpaper "Aquapaper"

  Adhesive matte wallpaper "Wall-IT"


Rigid boards :

  DISPA 2mm cardboard for inside or outside recyclable

  700gsm Sirio uncoated white

  700gsm Sirio iridescent gold

  700gsm Sirio iridescent white

  Oppboga 2,2mm long lasting cardboard for inside or outside recyclable

  PVC Forex 3/5/10mm

  Kapa foam board 5/10mm

  Akilux honeycomb PE 3,5mm

  Dibond or Dilite aluminium white 2/3mm

  Dibond brushed aluminium silver 3mm

  PMMA "Plexiglass" clear or opaque 3/5/8mm

  PMMA "Plexiglass" clear 3mm + white plastic sheet at the back

  ChromaLuxe panel for sublimation matte or glossy 1,5mm